Rules of Battle

The aim of the game is to collectively count to 10. Players must achieve this without repetition, muff-dodging, clashing or speaking out of terms.

Starting a Game

Any player starts a new game by calling out "Raul". Whilst a game is in-play a new one cannot be started.


  • Only one person can say anything at a time after the "Raul" call has been spoken.
  • Players must be cautious not to speak over another person's call.
  • Two or more players calling at the same time triggers a Battle!
  • After any fowl takes place, the counter is reset to 1.
  • After calling Raul, the sequence of subsequent calls is Number, Animal, Food.
  • Players identified as not contribute equally can be accused of muff-dodging.
  • Muff-dodging is decided by a blind vote. All players close their eyes and put thumbs up or down if they think the player was truly muff-dodging. When players open their eyes again the vote is counted and justice is served.
  • Falsely accusing a player of muff-dodging will result in that player losing a life.

Example Play Sequence

  1. Someone says "Raul"
  2. Someone says 1
  3. Someone says an animal
  4. Someone says a food
  5. Someone says 2
  6. Someone says an animal
  7. Someone says a food
  8. Someone says 3
  9. ...